Popular Strains and Their Effects

The great thing about the ever growing cannabis industry is that there’s always a new strain explore. As the industry becomes more established, popular strains have gained notoriety in circles of weed enthusiasts and pop culture at large. Here’s a list of some of the most popular cannabis strains and their effects.  

Sour Diesel

Fans of cannabis and hip-hop will recognize sour diesel as one of the most iconic strains ever created. Rappers like Tupac, the Underachievers, Redman and even Ludacris have all referenced the strain in a few of their songs, and after hearing so much about it, many cannabis enthusiasts can’t wait to try Sour Diesel for themselves. Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain marked by its uplifting, energetic effects. Sour D has a diesel-like chemical smell and medium-sized buds that are yellowish-green, contrasted by dark red pistil hairs. The buds are often tightly packed and most of the trichromes are snuggly packed on the inside of the flower. The smoke has a sour, skunk-like taste, and its odor can carry quite a distance. Most people enjoy Sour Diesel for its uplifting effects, and use it for added creativity, increased focus, or to gain some energy.

Blue Dream

One of the most flavorful and aromatic strains on the market, Blue Dream is a California original created by DJ Short and is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. Sometimes called Blue Azure, this strain is a sativa-dominant strain that averages around 20-24% THC and is known for a relaxing, uplifting high. The buds are long and bushy with deep, blue hues, blue and amber hairs, and a lot of beautiful trichromes. The smoke tastes like blueberry and sugar, and the smell is just as sweet. Most people enjoy Blue Dream for increased focus, to help drive their appetite, or to help manage aches and pains. The high is categorized as heavy and calm.

Do Si Do

A smooth, indica hybrid, Do Si Do is the child of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, with a THC concentration that measures anywhere between 18% and 30%. Regardless of the strength, Do Si Do is an amazing hybrid strain that helps with pain management, arthritis, and stress.  Do Si Do buds are typically small, and come in popcorn-like clusters. The flower is dense, and the leaves curl tightly toward the stem. Do Si Do leaves a deep shade of green, sometimes with hints of purple, and the buds are always caked with a nice thick layer of trichromes.  People enjoy Do Si Do for the strong head high, but also its medical properties. Do Si Do is a great strain to manage pain, inflammation, and depression.  


Wedding Cake

Another product of Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake is a strain that flies off the shelves. Wedding Cake is a strain marked by large and incredibly colorful buds that are tightly turned toward the stem. It’s known for its well-rounded effects that offer both recreational and medical applications. Wedding Cake buds have a citrus, mossy smell, and the smoke is rich and sweet and gives off a smell of sandalwood and cream. People enjoy Wedding Cake for the strong, immediate head high which gives way to a warm, heavy body high that persists long after the head high has melted away. The well-rounded effects of Wedding Cake make it great for creating, gaming, exercising, and even sex.

Northern Lights

One of the most popular strains available, Northern Lights has earned a stellar reputation as an award winning Indica-dominant strain that absolutely melts users into their couches and beds. Formerly called CI #5 F1, Northern Lights is known for its powerful effects and even experienced cannabis enthusiasts call it a two-hit-quit strain. It can be that strong, ranging anywhere between 19% and 33% THC. Since Northern Lights is a sedative strain, most users enjoy it in the evening time before dinner or bed. People use Northern Lights to relax, promote a healthy appetite, sleep better, and aid in pain management.

Girl Scout Cookies

Possibly the most famous and impactful strains on our list, Girl Scout Cookies is a popular strain that delivers a premium high. GSC is an indica-dominant strain that measures between 21% and 28% THC for a powerful and euphoric experience. Girl Scout Cookies comes in a dense bud, and it smells like hints of blueberries, cherries and earth. People enjoy GSC for its powerful, euphoric high that’s full of happiness, relaxation, creativity and energy. If you want to power through a new book, or begin a new painting, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that will help you stay engaged and excited. 

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