Our Three Favorite Strains To Light Up Your Fourth

Independence Day is all about honoring American freedoms, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Fourth then by enjoying one of our newer freedoms – legal, recreational cannabis! In the spirit of celebration, we outlined our favorite cannabis strains that can take your Independence Day celebration higher. 

Ritual by Henry’s Original


If you’ve never tried smoking CBD before, we highly recommend Ritual by Henry’s Originals. This 20:1 CBD strain is perfect if you’re heading to a family BBQ or a social setting where you don’t want to be too blitzed. CBD helps reduce anxiety and feels like a cozy blanket is being draped over your entire being. Furthermore, CBD joints are an awesome alternative to cigarettes that provide similar calming sensations. If you’re struggling with quitting nicotine, then CBD joints – particularly this 20:1 Ritual by Henry’s Originals – is a great place to begin weaning yourself off of cigarettes. 

Pro tip: CBD joints provide users with mostly relaxing, calming sensations, and they won’t get you very high. Since they are low in THC, they don’t have the same heavy high that you find in other popular strains. But, they are perfect for people that struggle with social anxiety, have a difficult time with intrusive thoughts, or for those that just want a physically relaxing experience without a THC buzz. All of these things make CBD joints perfect for a Fourth of July celebration, or simply relaxing with friends or family out on the town.

Orange Peels by Ember Valley 


Orange Peels is an Ember Valley original that was intended for limited release, but its popularity quickly made it staple on the farm. Orange Peels is a unique phenotype of Symbiotic Genetics’ Mimosa, a hybrid cross between Clementine and Purple Punch. This sultry strain is a near-perfect balance of sativa and indica, producing sticky buds with a strong orange-citrus aroma that make it perfect for nearly any occasion, including a fireworks viewing sesh!

Pro tip: an actual orange is a great snack to have when you’re enjoying cannabis. We suggest peeling an orange by hand to eat after smoking. By peeling the orange, you can eliminate any smoke scent leftover on your hands. Plus, oranges are an amazing fruit to enjoy while you’re high! 

Purple Peakz by West Coast Sunrise


Purple Peakz is an exotic Sativa dominant cross of Mac and MendoBreath. This strain was the 7th phenotype in WCS’s cross between the two parents and it is truly one of a kind. It is dark purple in appearance with bright orange hairs and ironically it smells similar to Jack. The taste is piney with notes of vanilla and caramel on the exhale. The high has been described as a nice sativa high, but not as racey as a chem strain.

Fun Fact: certain cannabis strains can have purple pigments, but that doesn’t make them any stronger than other strains. Cannabis can get a purple hue from the color of anthocyanins present in the strain’s molecular structure. Anthocyanins are basically pigment molecules inside the plant, and when they become stressed, they interact with other flavanoids in the plant to protect it, which causes the pigment in the plant to change to a darker, often purple hue. While it’s easily identifiable as purple, some of these darker strains can actually have hues of blue, black and deep red, depending upon the ph levels.

Happy Fourth of July, from Mission Cannabis!

The team at Mission Cannabis wants to wish you a happy Independence Day, and we want to remind you to stay safe while celebrating! If you have any question about cannabis, CBD products, or cannabis in general, then visit our dispensary. Our team of budtenders are the leading cannabis experts in San Francisco, and we are happy to answer and questions about cannabis that you may have. Together, we can help find the right products for you so that you can enjoy cannabis more thoroughly, and safely.

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Alexa Jesse

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