Five Fun Things to Do When You’re High in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most diverse and engaging places in the world, and we think the best way to experience the Golden City is with a nice little high. With that in mind, here’s our favorite things to do when we’re stoned in San Francisco.

1. Chill at Dolores Park 

This Mission gem is a no-brainer. Dolores Park is one of the most iconic and memorable points in San Francisco, and it’s a great place to lounge when you’re baked. The sun is always shining (until Carl rolls in), so dress light – but make sure to bring your layers! Enjoy sun-bathing in the grass, join an Acroyoga meet-up, get a tarot reading from a passerby – either way come with an open mind and you never know what you might find!


What to Bring?

Baby Js by Mission Cannabis Club are perfect for sharing, and they come in 10-packs, so you’ll definitely still have some to spare after enjoying the park. If it’s extra warm, try a 1:1 Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops, or 2.5mg Petra Mints – both of which are perfect for hot days!

2. Onedome 

The newest interactive and immersive spot in San Francisco is Onedome – a labyrinth of 14 interactive installations and otherworldly explorations, where the magical art is responsive, and created by you. Onedome is a mind-bending experience that fully immerses its visitors in the installations, and offers a variety of programs that keeps us coming back for more. We suggest that you bring a friend, and keep an eye on the clock or you might get lost inside! 


What to Consume? 

We *highly* recommend trying the new 5mg gummies by Camino, or Petra bites for the chocolate lovers! Make sure to eat edibles after a meal, otherwise they will hit even harder. Plus, you can always eat more!

3. Go Out for a Soak

In SF, we are spoiled by multiple bathhouses that offer a cost-effective spa experience that you wont find anywhere else! We LOVE going to Kabuki Springs or Onsen Bath for a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bring a friend, or go solo, but make sure to check which days of the week are designated male, female, or co-ed.


What to Bring? 

We definitely suggest some CBD tincture like the Remedy CBD by Mary’s Medicinals, a CBD edible like Chocolate Almonds by Satori or CBD Gummies by OM, you can even smoke a 20:1 CBD pre-roll by Henry’s before you arrive! Also a topical from Papa and Barkley can be perfect for helping relieve tight muscles. Each of these options soothe your body and mind into a relaxing bath experience, and help you reach an entire new level of relaxation.

4. stroll Down Haight Street 

Haight Street is the main street in the Haight-Ashbury district, and features excellent bookstores, historic hotels, and a selection of shops that engages every passerby. Before heading out for a stroll, grab a tea at Coffee To The People on Haight & Masonic, and head towards Golden Gate Park! Enjoy the delicious food options, fun thrift shops, and overall weirdness that the Haight has to offer.

What to Consume?

If you’re feeling like enjoying your tea with an added-cannabis kick, we suggest making your own Kikoko medicated tea. Remember that edibles can take 30 to 90 minutes to take effect, so plan accordingly.

5. Morrison Planetarium at Academy of Sciences

Have you not done this yet? The Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park is an exciting museum with a huge aquarium that even has live penguins! But our favorite part is the super trippy Morrison Planetarium. The planetarium will transport you into space, or take you to the depths of the ocean, depending on what’s on the schedule. Each person or group has to sign up for a time upon arrival, but it’s totally worth it, and gives you an unforgettable stoned experience.

What to Consume?

We recommend a light edible for the walk like Kikoko Tea or some Petra Mints, and maybe a joint by D. Before heading into the planetarium. For the pros, step up your game with a 10mg Wally Drops hard candy!

A friendly reminder that edibles can take 30 to 90 minutes to take effect so plan accordingly, and try not to immediately over-indulge, or you could wind up with a heavier high than anticipated. 

Stay Safe and Enjoy!

We hope you have fun exploring San Francisco, but remember to be safe! If you have a lower tolerance to cannabis, consider bringing a sober friend along to help guide you along your way. We suggest use a ride-sharing app so that you don’t have to worry about driving. Enjoy!

Alexa Jesse

My name is Alexa and I am a New York native that moved to San Francisco, California in October of 2015. Gypsy Universe is a reflection of my personal wellness and creative journey, inspired by the loss of my best friend and my own near death experience.  I have been a closet singer my whole life and I finally decided to stop dreaming and start living. I am a singer, a writer, a traveler, a sister, a lover, and a planet earth activist. I am also a certified Health Coach and Pilates instructor. Follow my journey for travel tips, plant-based lifestyle how-to's, original music and more!