Some Activities are Better High

Cannabis can improve just about any situation, but there are certain activities that are quite frankly better while you’re stoned. Here are some of our favorite things to do while baked!

First: Understand the Subtle Differences between Sativa and Indica Strains

Cannabis is loosely divided into two major groups: sativa and indica. However, many popular strains and products are hybrids that contain both sativa and indica cannabinoids. Generally speaking, indica strains help with mental relaxation, decreasing acute pain, increasing appetite, and most notably, muscle relaxation. Alternatively, sativa strains are typically known for increasing focus and creativity, giving a boost of energy, treating chronic pain, and an overall lift in spirit. Keeping this in mind, you can begin to explore which activities can be better enhanced by a sativa or an indica strain.

It’s important to note that cannabis affects everybody differently. While these two major species of cannabis have specific characteristics that differentiate each other, there is a lot of overlap in their euphoric and therapeutic effects. So before dedicating a certain strain to any activity, experiment beforehand to understand how that specific strain affects you and then plan from there.

Yoga and Meditation

One of the greatest things cannabis helps with is raising your mood and increasing your mental and physical sensitivity. Because of this, cannabis is perfect to pair with yoga or meditation. Meditation is all about connecting with yourself through thoughtful breathing and conscious control of your attention. Cannabis can help prepare your mind and body for an extensive body scan and can enhance your practice of deep breathing techniques for extended periods of sitting time.

Yoga can also be a meditative experience with an additional physical element that challenges your attention and focus. Cannabis improves yoga by helping you become more physically sensitive and aware which allows you to better listen to your body when performing simple or challenging poses.  Since cannabis helps you get in tune with your body, it can also act as a subtle alarm, helping your body to inform you when you may need to take a break and give your body some rest.

Listening to Music

Transdermal Patch by Mary’s Medicinals ($11)

Transdermal Patch by Mary’s Medicinals ($11)

One of the most traditional, tried-and-true activities that is improved by cannabis is simply listening to music – and that applies to all music. Whether you enjoy R&B, pop, old-school rap, EDM or whatever, cannabis absolutely improves the sound of music. 

To maximize your listening experience, consider investing in a good pair of headphones or speakers. That way, you can hear every little sound and detail of whatever song you’re in. You can also enhance the listening experience by playing your favorite album in a dark room. For a more trippy experience, find a music visualizer that can make your music dance for you on the screen. *Highly recommended!

Musicians out there? Spark your creativity before your next jam sesh.

Pro-Tip: Try an edible before your next live show and let yourself be transported by the music!


Sometimes it is difficult to tap into our subconscious and we can go days if not weeks or months without truly checking in. Journaling is an amazingly therapeutic practice to quiet your mind and let your subconscious flow through the pages. Cannabis is a catalyst to this flow state, so next time you’re feeling a little anxious or need some grounding, grab a joint and a journal and see where the pen takes you! You’ll be surprised how healing just a few minutes of writing can be.


Baking is one of the most rewarding activities that you can do while, well, baked. It’s a great social activity to enjoy with some friends or family, and the greatest benefit of all is that the final result is a delicious treat of your own design. There is something magical about being a little stoned and opening your oven to find something hot and homemade ready for you to enjoy. 

If you decide to bake while stoned, we suggest sticking to simple recipes that you’ve made before. This can help you enjoy baking more by freeing up your focus, and it increases your odds of creating a successful – and tasty – final result.

Taking a Hot Bath (or shower)

Bath Bomb by Kush Queen ($12)

Bath Bomb by Kush Queen ($12)

At the end of a long, difficult day, a hot bath is a fantastic way to unwind and reset before relaxing for the evening or going to bed. You can improve your wind-down by enjoying one of your favorite cannabis strains and letting it melt you into your bath. One of the key benefits of cannabis is muscle relaxation, and when you pair that with the comfort of a warm bath, you can find an ultra-zen sense of bliss.

To improve your bath, we suggest finding some aromatic bath salts or oils (we have bath bombs!) and adding candles to your bathroom for lighting that is easier on your eyes.

No bath? No worries. Simply mimic the above with some candles, soft music, and a heavy indica strain and let your shower wash your worries away.

TELL Us About Your Favorite Things to do While High!

When visiting Mission Cannabis, let us know about your favorite high adventures. We love to hear how specific products are effecting consumers so that way we can better educate our customers. Our team is made up of the leading cannabis experts in San Francisco and we are happy to answer and questions about cannabis that you may have. See you soon!

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